PPC prides itself in providing superb care of geriatric patients, those who live independently in their homes or retirement communities, and those who live in long term care facilities. PPC is both an office based practice and a mobile practice that operates outside of our office walls.  We are devoted to providing high quality geriatric health care in retirement communities and assisted living facilities.  Our nurse practitioners, all of whom are expert and experienced in long term care, make regular visits to their facilities, and Dr. Lazris follows our long term care patients and confers with the nurse practitioners and facility nurses regularly.

Dr. Lazris and the nurse practitioners are well versed in the chronic medical problems that are common to long-term residents such as dementia, falls risk, pain, and incontinence. We are also adept in advanced directives, end of life care, geriatric prevention, and state regulations for long term care facilities. Dr. Lazris is a certified medical director who actively directs nursing home and assisted living communities. PPC's philosophy, its structure, and its advanced electronic medical record are well suited to the care of assisted living patients.  For each facility in which we see patients a team of a doctor and nurse practitioner works with families and nurses to provide comprehensive and acute care.  Email communication facilitates rapid discourse between our providers and nurses, and reliable communication with patients and families.

  • PPC is uniquely suited to care for residents of assisted living facilties. As a certified medical director and the author of two books on shared decision making and geriatric care,  Dr. Lazris is an expert in the care of assisted living residents and regularly keeps updated on regulations. He is currently medical director of several facilities. All PPC providers have extensive assisted living experience, and the practice's nurse practitioners are trained and experienced in caring for residents of long term care facilities.


  • At PPC each of our nurse practitioners develop strong relationships with their facilities, vising them at regular and predictable times, typically weekly, while being available to address acute issues on and off hours, with easy access by email.  We utilize a nurse practitioner model which has been shown to be most beneficial in terms of quality and satisfaction.  A recent Annals of Long Term Care article from 2016 (click to see article) concludes:  "The inclusion of NP's on the care team has been associated with fewer hospitalizations and emergency department transfers; improved health status, behavior, and satisfaction with care; and increased quality of care among LTC residents."  Dr. Lazris visits all facilities, typically monthy, to see patients, review charts, and converse with nurses.  He typically takes a more global look at each resident.  He is always available to converse with nurses, patients, and families, and he regularly converses with the practice nurse practitioners.


  • Our office is set up to help assisted living facilities arrange for comprehensive and sick visits, set up labs and immunization, provide needed forms such as MOLST and VA forms, and have documents and labs signed. We visit our assisted living facilities on a regular schedule and acutely when needed. Our practitioners are always mobile and able to see and communicate with people out of the office.


  • Assisted living patients can take advantage of all PPC amenities and services, including the health education room, the patient portal, our interactive website, and our email communication.


  • In addition to the advantages of communicating with nurses/patients/families rapidly through our secure email, we also have an extensive protocol system to allow nurses to provide care without having to always reach us.

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