At Personal Physician Care we strive to respond to all messages on the same day we receive them, typically within an hour or two.  We each are available for messages all day every day.  This means that you will be in contact with your provider, not an on-call doctor who does not know you.  In order for us to continue our more personal policy of responding to messages, and because of the large volume of messages we receive every day, which is sometimes in excess of 100 messages, we are unable to make or receive phone calls unless the call is for a very brief (1-2 minute) and urgent question.  Even then the response may be delayed for several days.  Instead we encourage all people to contact us electronically, typically by emailing us.  Emails are secure and ours are encrypted to ensure privacy.  The following are tips on how to best contact us:

  • Email your question or concern in as brief and direct a way as you can.If the email is brief we will typically respond more quickly.Longer and more complicated emails may take a little longer.Multiple emails in a single day will also take longer.

  • Always email the provider who is most familiar with the medial issues you wish to discuss.

  • If you cannot email, you can call the office at 410-531-2355 during office hours (7-3 M-Th, 7-1 F) and relay a message to us through the office staff.A staff member will call you back with a response.

  • If you have more complicated matters to discuss that you feel are inappropriate for email, please make an appointment to see us.If you are a family member of one of our patients, it is essential you meet with us us on a day we actually see our patient to whom you are associated as per Medicare rules.We do not discuss complicated or lengthily issues on the phone.

  • After hours if you cannot email and have a brief, urgent question then you can call our office number and you will receive instructions regarding how to text or call us.This is not for complicated medical discussions, only for quick questions or concerns.

  • For forms, refills, referrals, and other such matters, please email or call the office.

  • For billing questions, please email the billing office.