Meet Lourdes de las Alas, CRNP


Lourdes De las Alas is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner. She received her bachelor’s in Nursing from University of Santo Tomas, Master of Science in Nursing from Capella University and her Post-Master from Coppin State University. Lourdes has worked as a Registered Nurse for the prior 12 years in different adult clinical settings ranging from long term care to acute care with 7 years working in the medical thoracic intermediate care unit at Georgetown University Hospital  before joining PPC. Lourdes lives at Columbia with her husband and two daughters. 

Hours Lourdes is in the office:  Lourdes spends 2-3 days a week in the office; please call for hours


How to contact Lourdes:  Always contact by email, 


Other facilities Lourdes visits:  Vantage House, Harmony Hall, Arbor Terrace Fulton