There comes a point in everyone's life when health concerns gain a new sense of importance. Typically this occurs after people turn fifty, a stage of life called mid-life. Kids are moving out, and retirement seems far away. Friends are changing; some are getting sick and less physically able. You may be feeling some aches and pains too, and maybe your blood pressure and sugar are higher than they were before. You start to worry about cholesterol, osteoporosis, colonoscopies, and even your heart.  You read articles in newspapers and on the internet that seem unnerving, and friends suggest you seek more medical attention.  The entire realm of health and medical care are confusing.  All of the sudden, health issues are becoming a more significant area of concern.

At PPC we will offer our mid-lifers accessible, personal, and comprehensive care that addresses all of their emerging health concerns. We will institute a preventive health program that is pragmatic and effective. Exercise is a hallmark of successful aging, and even for the lazy among us it is never too late to start. We will help you with that. We will discuss the risks and benefits of supplements, screening tests, medications, and other treatments. If you develop an illness or chronic condition, we will educate you so that you fully understand and can gain control of your condition. We will treat you as aggressively as is feasible to prevent complications, but not more aggressively than you want or than is effective and safe. Our preventive health visits, annual assessments, chronic health visits, and patient education room will give you a host of information to help you make educated decisions. When you do get sick, you will get rapid care. You will have easy access to your doctors and nurse practitioners through email and visits, practitioners who knows you well and who you will come to trust. In every aspect of your health care, we will do whatever it takes to keep you on the right health track.

Mid-life is a time to look ahead and prepare for the future. With the proper resources, attitude, and medical care, the journey forward should be a healthy and productive one.