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Andy Lazris practices primary care and geriatrics in Columbia, Maryland, as well as being an author and speaker.  He is passionate about reforming health care and fighting for science and human decency.  He studied history at Brown University before obtaining his medical degree at Albert Einstein and University of Virginia.  He is currently pursing a Masters in History at Univeristy of Maryland.  On this site is information about his books, podcast, other writing, and music.


Best Books By Andy Lazris

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January 6th and the Millennial Horde
Image by Chris Lynch

Running Doc Unhinged Podcasts

Join Dr. Andy Lazris each week as he gives an inside look into the world of modern medicine. The Running Doc gives you tips on healthy lifestyle choices, approaching your doctor, and navigating the complex healthcare system while he runs through some of the most beautiful locations in Maryland. This podcast will change your outlook on healthcare and allow you to stay in the know.


Straight Talking Doc Unhinged

A podcast by a doctor telling you all the dark and dirty secrets of my profession and how to understand what docs say and use it to become wiser and healthier! I separate myth from truth so you can be a better advocate for yourself.  CLICK HERE for access.

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Articles and Interviews

In addition to his many fiction and nonfiction books, Dr. Lazris has written many peer reviewed medical articles, op-eds, and been interviewed multiple times.  These can be found by CLICKING HERE.

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