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About PPC Visits

  • For routine office visits, email the office at or call 410-531-2355.

  • For urgent office visits, reach the office the same way.  We do have a provider in the office to see urgent visits, but it is usually not possible for you to pick who you want to see.  All of us work together and so anyone you see will be appropriate for your condition

  • If you have any questions about whether to be seen or not, you can email the nurse at

  • If you or your family lives in a facility, email or call our office to find out when the nurse practitioner will be there, and they will set up an appointment.  It is always possible for family members to be at the visit if they are flexible.  You are also welcomed to make appointments at the office.  Any other providers you want to see at the facility, please talk with the nurse there.

  • For specialty appointments such as ear cleaning, joint injection, palliative consults, nutrition consults, or if you want to see a particular provider, please let the office know.

  • More about visits can be found on our videos.


Communication with Providers and Staff

  • For routine questions during office hours, email the office at or call 410-531-2355.

  • For clinical questions, you can email your provider (see provider pages for their emails), or email our office nurse.

  • If you have any questions about whether to be seen or not, you can email the nurse at

  • All patients are required to sign our communication form so that they fully understand how providers communicate in the practice, especially after hours.

  • We are an email-only practice with regard to communication.  Please see our video to better understand why.  We receive dozens of messages each day, especially after hours, and each providers answers questions for his/her patients and buildings 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  To do this, we cannot have phone call conferences, phone call communication, or phone calls of any sort until you email us first so we understand the problem.

  • If you or your family is unable to communicate by email, please let our front staff know.


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