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PPC in Assisted Living

  • In long term care, your primary provider will be the nurse practitioners who come there regularly.  Typically they are there 1-2 days a week, and can be reached by email on other days. Typically the facility nurse knows when they are there, but you can always contact our office at or 410-531-2355 to assure that you are on their list when they come.

  • Dr. Lazris comes to facilities infrequently and acts mostly in the role of a consultant.  If you want to see him, let the office know, or you can make an appointment to see him at the office.

  • For most issues in long term care—from not feeling well, to medicine or lab questions, to concerns about food or in-house consultants—it is best to talk with the facility nurse first.

  • Most facilities order their own labs and x-rays in house, so please discuss with them any issues pertaining to those services.

  • See our Video to learn more!


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