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About PPC Biling

We at PPC have a dedicated billing coordinator and we do our best to help you collect charges from your insurance company.  However, ultimately every patient is responsible to provide payment, and if the insurance company does not pay, it will be up to the patient to talk to his/her insurance company and provide payment for any services rendered.  We ask that every patient sign a billing agreement to assure understanding of his/her financial responsibilities.  A few salient issues are:

Pay Bills
  • Medicare requires us to collect secondary payment from each patient.  If the patient has a secondary insurance policy and that policy does not pay, the patient and/or family will need to call Medicare to attempt to resolve the problem, and to simultaneously provide any due payment to PPC.

  • All patients are responsible to provide PPC with accurate insurance information, and to be sure that PPC accepts that insurance.  We will do our best to verify insurance before a first visit is set, but if the information we receive is not accurate, or if later it is learned that the insurance will not pay for services rendered by any PPC providers, then the patient is responsible to provide due payment.\

  • Any lab tests, radiology tests, or prescriptions ordered by PPC are not billed by PPC.  If any of those tests or medicines are not paid by a patient's insurance, then it will be the responsibility of the patient to talk to the particular lab/facility/pharmacy that denied payment.

  • If a patient changes insurance, or if an insurance will not pay for certain services or requires unique codes to be used in billing, it is the responsibility of each patient to provide PPC with that information.

PPC Privacy Policy

  • We adhere to all HIPAA requirements to assure that your medical records are private.  We have high security and belong to a HIPAA organization to help us.  If you ever discover that your private medical information was leaked, please let us know.

  • We will have all patients sign our privacy form to assure that they understand their rights to privacy and how PPC honors that right.

  • Our emails are secure and represent the safest way to communicate.

  • All providers are part of Abyde which helps to keep us current in all HIPAA guidelines.

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