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Useful Forms for our patients and families

All new patients or their POA's must sign the first three forms and return them to the office before an initial visit can be set up.  Thanks!


How to contact PPC: See our Communication Form and see below

  • Office/appointment/refills/consults:  Best to email our office at or call at 410-531-2355 only during business hours.

  • Billing:  All billing issues should go through our in-house biller at

  • Nursing: to reach our nurse, email at or call the office at the above number, only during business hours.

  • Office manager: Our office manager is Erica Voso, and she knows everything about the practice and how it works.  If you are having any difficulties, email her at

  • Providers:  All our providers communicate by email.  Listen to our office video to understand why.  Given the volume of messages we receive, the length of time most phone calls entail, the difficulty in connecting by phone (far too much “phone-tag”), the fact that we can document all email communication, and the ability of us to transfer any emails to the appropriate office staff or provider, EMAIL IS OUR ONLY MEANS OF COMMUNICATION.  If after an email we decided that a phone call is needed, we still set that up.  Texting is generally not HIPAA compliant unless you use WhatsApp, so please avoid regular texts.  If you want to reach us and can’t email, call the office at 410-531-2355 and they will convey your message to us.

  • All provider emails can be found on the specific provider page.

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