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PPC offers an innovative patient friendly medical practice for Geriatric and Mid-Life patients in Maryland, that enables easy access to your own personal practitioners.  At PPC each patient will receive personalized attention and customized care to achieve the best health possible, with an emphasis on prevention and quality of life. PPC is a small, accessible practice that accepts Medicare and other standard insurance, offers longer visits than most practices, and maintains a limited patient pool. PPC will also work with assisted living facilities and retirement communities, making regular visits to those with which we are affiliated. 

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We give immunization and draw blood during office hours.  No appointment needed but call ahead.  CLICK HERE to see why we don't give Prenvar and high dose flu shots.

After hours, please leave a message for us, email the provider you see, or if you need to be seen go to Patient First or Righttime Medicine.

We are encouraging everyone to sign up for our patient portal.  It is a way for you to access your medical records and for us to contact you. 

Medicare Patients:  We are part of the MDPCP program that  gives us some very exciting opportunities, such as more educational programs and non-visit contact.  We will let you know more once we find out!

CLICK HERE to see Dr. Lazris' books, songs, podcast, articles, and documents.  Several new books are coming out.

Opening Hours:
Our Services:
  • Half Hour Office Visits

  • Visits Begin and End on Time

  • Prevention & Wellness

  • Immunizations

  • Electronic Communication

  • Minor Office Procedures

  • Urgent Visits 5 Days a Week

  • A Capped Number of Patients


  • Medical information

  • Practice information

  • Important numbers









7am – 3pm

7am – 3pm

7am – 3pm

7am – 3pm

7am – 1pm



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