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Comprehensive Primary Care

From preventive care and checkups, to nutrition education and a unique palliative care program, our primary care physician and providers work to keep you and your whole family healthy and strong each and every day.  Our focus is mid-life and geriatrics, and we offer a comprehensive package to assure that you stay healthy, active, and vibrant as you age.  

Meet Dr. Lazris, a Baltimore Top-Doc in Geriatrics

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Our Team


PPC offers an innovative patient friendly medical practice for community living elders, residents of long term care and retirement communities, and others who aren't so old.  At PPC each patient will receive personalized attention and customized care to achieve the best health possible, with an emphasis on prevention and quality of life. CLICK HERE to see our practice philosophy.


PPC is a small, accessible practice that accepts Medicare and other standard insurance, offers longer visits than most practices, and maintains a limited patient pool. We have a vibrant office practice and also will service multiple retirement communities and assisted living facilities.

Latest Clinic News

  • We give flu shots and draw blood during office hours.  No appointment needed but call ahead.  

  • After hours, please leave a message for us, email the provider you see, or if you need to be seen go to the ER or an urgent care center

  • We are encouraging everyone to sign up for our patient portal.  It is a way for you to access your medical records. 

  • Medicare Patients:  We are part of the MDPCP program that  gives us some very exciting opportunities, such as more educational programs and non-visit contact.  

  • Our new nutritional program offers you many exciting opportunities.  Sign up now!

  • See below to learn about our newsletter, videos, and other new services being provided by our practice

  • Want to know about Dr. Lazris' new articles, books, blogs, and interviews?  Click Here for his website.

Our Providers

Andy Lazris


Kristen Burkhardt


Kathyrn Scallion


Ozioma Erondu-Ozi


Kathy Jantac


Alex Wozniak


Claire Regan


Nayeli Mccaffrey


Allison Carew


Libby Shadis


Lourdes de las Alas


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Dr. Lazris, Medical Director

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  • Top-Doc 2020, 2021

  • America's Most Honored Doc, 2022

  • Certified Internal Medicine

  • Certified Medical Director

  • Certified Nutrition Educator

  • Author of numerous articles and academic books

  • See his books, blogs, articles, podcasts, interviews, and bio at

  • Read his most recent articles here.

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Our Collaborations

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Rx Live

  • To learn about RX LIve click here

  • You may receive a call or email from someone at Rx Live to review your medicines

  • RX Live is your virtual pharmacist with our practice

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Johns Hopkins

  • To learn about Hopkins Clinical Alliance Click Here

  • We will be working with people at Hopkins to improve our care plans and to enhance our relationship with Hopkins.

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